Writing a speech in 3 or 6 hours

There is a great variety of activities requiring the ability to deliver a speech on some topic. Every now and then, almost every person needs to make a speech of welcome, dinner speech, business report speech, or some kind of brief speech.

However, not everybody can prepare a good speech, not to speak of improvising it. Our speech writing service is destined to give you a hand in situations of that kind.


Delivering a speech, you make a presentation of your ideas or results of your activity. Live speeches are the most effective method of public expressing somebody's thoughts. Another huge domain where you can not avoid making speeches is education.

For students, writing a speech is as important, as composing a research paper or book report, for example. It is not enough to obtain a result, you need to be able to present it to your professor and classmates. You are expected to defend your ideas and to persuade the audience that your point of view is right. To compose a joint speech as a result of teamwork is even more complicated task than just writing a speech about yourself.
In general, we can conclude that different types of speeches require different approaches and structuring. Our writing service offers all kinds of speeches for schools, colleges and universities, notably those listed below.

Informative Speech

is a kind of speech that informs audience about something, increases understanding of the subject, but does not pretend to change the opinion of listeners. Usually, this type of speech is used just to give impartial, analytical or summarizing information requiring no approval or disapproval. The core thesis is accompanied by relevant supporting data. Informative speech can be used to present research papers, reviews, or some kinds of reports.

Improvised speech

is another type of speech. Its characteristic trait is that it is delivered without any preparation and on occasional events. No notes or any additional materials are used in this case. A simple example of improvised speeches is answering teacher's questions in the classroom – you have to provide information and express opinion without visual presentation or outlines.

Team speech

is a rather complicated speech writing format. The distinguishing feature is that it is written by two or multiple persons during teamwork. Performing this task, students learn to collaborate effectively and to achieve a common decision respecting opinions of every participating person.

Persuasive speech

is a kind of speech aiming to persuade listeners to change their opinion concerning the subject in question. To achieve the goal you have to use logical evidences accompanied by supporting materials and to make the audience follow your way of thinking. If you succeed, your opponents will agree with your reasons or even accept your point of view.

Entertaining speech

has a bit different primary goal. It aims to entertain people. We could mention multiple occasions where this kind of speech could be applied: graduation ball at school, college, or university: birthday party, successful defense of a thesis etc. Even your professor can use a brief entertaining speech to relax the audience amid of his lecture.

To succeed in any kind of speech writing formats mentioned above, a student needs to be a skilled public speaker. However, it is also important to analyze and allow for specific traits of the potential audience. If the topic in question is directed to the proper audience and presented accordingly, with support of additional materials, you may expect success. Every component of the success is to be thoroughly prepared. This process is time-consuming. Consider if you can stay committed to the goal during some period of time to prepare a sound speech by the specified date. Do not postpone the job to the last day, you should better do it in advance. Remember, speech writing is only one stage of preparation. Good and confident delivery is of primary importance as well.

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