Low Rates Proofreading & Editing Services

Term papers, articles, and business reports - everything needs to be proofread by some experienced person.

Of course, you are a well-educated specialist and can do it on your own. But the practice shows that authors tend to overlook very simple errors, because they usually think of content, when they read their own material. It could be trivial spelling or grammar mistakes that destroy a favourable impression of your work on the reader.

gall-1However, requirements are very high in today's academic and business community. The impression you produce on your teacher or peers is very important for your reputation, which should not be exposed to risks.

To help you, our company with low editing services rates has a team of English experts, who have been professional proofreaders, editors or academics for many years. They can easily recognize and correct all those silly mistakes you missed yourself.

While you are responsible for the content of your work; our professional editors are ready to be in charge of the correctness of the text. Working together, the author and the proofreader can make the resulting paper perfect and ready to be presented to a broad audience. This is the chance you should not miss, if you want to have a really top-quality paper that can improve your reputation for low editing services rates.

We offer multiple levels of proofreading services. Whether you want us just to correct obvious errors and typos or to deeply revise and arrange your work, we have an offer for you. Moreover, there you can find special offers and promos available at the moment.

To place an order, you can send your work over the Internet or via email. We accept the following document formats: Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), and Adobe InDesign. There are some options of delivering the resulting paper to you: we can send it back via email, by mail in the paper form, or on the burned CD. If you submit your work as a MS Word file, we shall return it as a clean and corrected text. In the file you can use the feature of tracking changes to see the corrections. However, if you send us a hard copy, you will get back a paper copy as well, with our marks on it.
Our prices are affordable, but you can obtain a 5% discount. To learn more about payment options, please, go to the relevant page of our website.
We respect privacy of our clients; no information concerning our collaboration will be disclosed to the third parties.