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A review is a popular type of assignment that schoolchildren and students must write often enough. In this paper the writer should critically examine a subject – books, fashion trends, articles, plays, exhibitions and so on. Below we consider one form of the task – writing a book review. Helpful site for book report and review writing.

The most important thing when you write a book review is the writer’s position and arguments.


      • The paper should not be just a summary.
      • It looks good when the writer engages in polemics with the book’s author, his supporters and literary critics. You can express agreement and disagreement, note strong and weak features of the book.
      • A student should clearly define his position as to the book in question.
      • The paper needs to have a proper structure as well - a thesis statement, main text paragraphs and conclusion are the mandatory parts of the assignment, of course. Though, just like any other type of academic paper.


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