Assignment Writing Tips

How To Write a Good Assignment ?

Every student facing the task to prepare a writing assignment has difficulties of methodical nature. This is because good guides on this issue are rare. Furthermore, clear understanding of what you have to do is very important for effective completion of the task. That is why below we are going to give you some assignment writing tips, which will be helpful when you are about to start your work. Using our simple advices, you can save your time and secure better grades.

A plan and an introduction are the core items

Any properly prepared job progresses easier than a spontaneous one. This is even truer when we speak of a complicated activity like writing an academic paper. Thus, we would recommend to always draw up a plan prior to start your work on the assignment. It will help you to clearly define the major points to be highlighted in your paper and to stay focused during the work. Moreover, it will save you much time while your thoughts will be better organized when you put them on a sheet of paper. Looking at the overall frame of your future work allows keeping the structure and measuring the length of every separate section.
The introduction of a paper serves to the same purpose. This section must contain a short description of the major points under investigation, a definition of the task of your work. If the introduction allows your reader to grasp the main idea of what and why you are going to describe below, it will definitely produce a good impression on him resulting in a better grade. Remember, that this section is to be rather brief, no longer than a couple of paragraphs, so please, be laconic.

Some practical assignment writing tips

Follow the advices mentioned below to make your assignment effective and focused:


  • - Critical approach. An academic assignment is the kind of paper requiring a critical way of thinking. It will help improving the contents quality and gaining better grades as a result.
  • - Continuity of thinking. This is what your plan should serve to. Don’t let your thoughts get confused. All you put up is to be consistent and successive, both within every paragraph and between them. The reader should follow your relating without much difficulty. To achieve this, try to structure your text properly.
  • - Usage of personal pronouns. According to common standards of academic writing, these assignments are to be written in impersonal phrases. That means that you should avoid using of ‘you’, ‘I’ and related turns of speech. The only exception is when you refer to opinions from reputable and generally acknowledged sources.
  • - References. This is a very important part of any academic assignment, while many students tend to treat it formally. One should use either Harvard or Vancouver referencing system, both in the section of bibliography and in the text itself. Giving proper references may result in a higher final grade.
  • - Examples. If you want to show that your understanding of the subject in question is deep, you should give meaningful examples in the text. Give quotes from different sources, then compare different points of view focusing on their strong and weak features. Try to be objective. It is good to give some examples of practical application of the topic discussed.
  • - Paragraphing. To structure your paper, use paragraphs. Numbering or bullets are not good in academic writing.
  • - Graphs and tables. They are a good visual material that makes comprehension of the subject easier. Most readers prefer this kind of presentation, which is briefer and clearer. However, don’t forget to shape them properly and to mention the sources of the data you use to build graphs and tables.
  • - Number of words. As for the length of your assignment, try to keep close to the requirements you have got. Wordiness is as bad, as a shortage of information. Your plan will be helpful in overcoming this kind of difficulty.

A proper conclusion

A conclusion is as important, as an introduction. This is your final opportunity to say what you want to and to impress your reader. The conclusion of an academic paper should include the following:
- Mentioning of the purpose of this assignment.
- Brief summarizing of key points of the work.
- Concluding comments on the topic discussed, i.e. examples of how the subject could be implemented or put into practice and what significance it has for improving the present situation.

We hope that assignment writing tips we have mentioned will help you to succeed in your study.


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